The counter offer - it never lasts!

28 May 2019 Mark Abbott


It has been the bane of my existence for the majority of my career, and this is my rant.

The counter offer! It goes something like this, Candidate A has followed the process the whole way through from first interview to last, received an offer most likely verbally accepted that offer, even signed a contract then consequently has gone to resign. This is where the wheels falls off, their boss decides to throw a spanner in the works and offer the candidate everything he said he would for the last number of years just because he has resigned.

For over a decade I have never seen this work out, and the candidate has generally not lasted 6 months in his current role after accepting the counter offer.

For one simple reason, why was the candidate looking in the first place, bad culture? Boring work? At first it may seem like a good result, however the novelty wears off.

I would be keen to hear from anyone that has actually stayed longer than 12 months in his or her current role after accepting a counter offer?