What's the difference between UX and CX?

26 June 2018 Mark Abbott

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen a boom in the number of designers pursuing rewarding careers in user experience (UX). We’re also seeing an increased interest in customer experience (CX) specialists. But what’s the difference between UX and CX?

The two professions can seem almost identical - users and customers are (usually) one and the same. Both UX and CX focus on the user’s experience. They both help the customer’s journey.

User Experience professionals are often digital designers at heart who transitioned into UX. They focus on designing one specific product, or a specific element of that product. They ensure that it’s optimized for a smooth, easy, intuitive and rewarding user experience.

UX-ers are occupied with critical elements such as visual design, information architecture, and intuitively interactive elements. When a talented UX has done their job right, the user literally finds everything they need at the fingertips. They enjoy an intuitive - and dare we say perfect - user experience.

Customer Experience professionals are focussed on the broader picture. Their passion is ensuring that the entire customer journey is a satisfying experience.

CX-ers want to make sure that each and every customer feels valued. They proactively identify potential issues, and they work to solve existing problems. This could be anything from reducing the number of customer contact points to recognising and rewarding customer loyalty. When complaints are received, it’s a CX-ers duty to make sure the issue is resolved and never happens again.

Finding ingenious solutions for common and obscure problems is all in a day’s work for CX and UX. Whilst the differences between the work that CX and UX professionals do is vast, their end-goals are exactly the same - creating that perfect experience.​