Success Awaits You In The Social Media Training Ground

19 June 2018 Mark Abbott

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For professional creatives and the companies who employ them, social media is a low-risk low-return kind of place. It has become the perfect environment for up and coming creatives to test, learn, and grow. This is the new training ground, and once you crack it, you’ve made it.

The increasing shift away from traditional outbound marketing tactics towards inbound content marketing strategies could not have occurred without social platforms. They are what allow brands to connect with their customers by providing them with content that delights.

Delighting everyone with the stuff they actually want was always going to lead to the inevitable: content overload. This is making it harder than ever for companies to reach their audience.

Breaking through this veritable tsunami of digital content is one of the biggest problems that creatives must solve. Testing ideas on social media is easy. It’s a low risk approach where a failed strategy is quickly replaced by the next. Where these failures might provide minimal value to the company, the experience for creatives is invaluable as they continue to learn and grow.

Practice makes perfect. Developing a kickass social media strategy with compelling content that truly delights doesn’t happen overnight. For those up and coming copywriters, art directors, content managers and other digital creatives, breaking through the noise is an intimidating but thrilling challenge.

Social media is the first port of call. Developing the skills to deliver successful campaigns on Facebook leads to campaign success on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and on and on it goes. Success on one channel naturally leads to success across all channels.

The marketing methods used on digital platforms have changed. The principles behind marketing have not. Successful campaigns have always relied on understanding customer’s wants and behaviours. Social media is now the training ground where up and coming creatives go to gain this understanding, learning how to execute killer campaigns as they continually test, learn, and grow.