Pitfalls Of Hiring The Digital Hybrid

19 June 2018 Mark Abbott

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This article isn’t about the Toyota Prius. It’s about the popular hybrid candidate AKA the candidate who can perform two separate roles in one.

In my experience, this could be Producer/Account Manager or Designer/Developer and I’ve even come across the Strategist/Account Director. Basically, think of any two roles in the digital/advertising/creative sector and simply combine.

For the employer, this makes complete sense. Take my first example – the Producer/AM. With this combo, you effectively get someone that can fully manage the client and take projects from initial scoping all the way through to delivery.

At first glance the hybrid looks like an effective way to structure a team, however, it nearly always falls short due to one simple fact – humans tend to be biased. They will lean one way or the other, generally neglecting one of the two aspects of the role.

The Producer/AM may prefer the client-facing aspects of the role and delivery is put on the back-burner. The agency can then lose out on time and money, plus the client won’t be happy regardless of how much they may love the AM/Producer working on the account.

The solution is to spend more time in the hiring process looking for a specialist because in the long run the result will affect quality and the bottom line for the better.