Did Killing Flash Put An End To Digital Design?

19 June 2018 Mark Abbott

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My recent observation is that the moment flash was turned off UX Design exploded and pure visual digital design and digital creative took a back seat.

When I started out in digital recruitment back in 2007 flash design was all the rage and designers portfolios were seriously cool and entertaining to troll through all day.

Flash also seemed to help separate Digital Design from UX where you were pretty much one or the other. Typically a UX person was very strong across research and wanted nothing to do with visual designer and vice versa.

All this has changed and it’s very rare to find a pure visual digital designer and when you do they feel they be pursuing a career in UX, UI or Interaction Design at some point. Whereas once they worked their way from Junior Digital Designer to Senior Digital Designer and then into a conceptual Digital Art director role. It appears most of these other roles within the visual digital realm have been slowly slipping away.

I think UX is great. The user will always be important but haven’t designers been applying design thinking for the last decade anyway?

The main culprit is probably down to clients not really wanting to invest heavily in quality digital design like they once did and the culprits could be basic CMS systems like WordPress helping to put a stop to that.

I guess I am just craving that beauty of digital art in my day and worried that it’s going to be lost for good.