Bringing Ideas to Life: Candidate of the Month Lorelei Bookluck

26 June 2018 Mark Abbott

Lorelei Bookluck

This month’s Candidate of the Month is Lorelei Bookluck, a Social Media Content Producer we placed in a contract role. Here is what she had to say:

What I do is take Ideas and make them happen. I didn’t really plan on entering this line of work, but the digital space is always evolving so you find yourself naturally gravitating towards things that are interesting to you: in my case all things social and digital!

In business today, lots of people are happy to jump on any digital trend, but I think it’s more to focus on identifying behaviour trends first. After, look for complementary solutions. At every point, there is an opportunity to drive social content. Beyond that, social is not just content, but also a behaviour which should be integrated into everything we do.

As a freelancer, I really love learning about different businesses and picking up different skills. I think it can accelerate your learning when you’re forced to adapt to a new company on a regular basis. When the workday is done I also like to deep like random comments on social media. I find it so amazing that we can connect with strangers around the world.

The most rewarding part of my job is making the ideas happen. If you want to do my job, just bring one idea to life. If you enjoyed the process then you are on your way.